H&R Sport Springs for Model 3

There are plenty of things to rave about on the Tesla Model 3. Unfortunately, its ride height and gigantic fender gaps aren’t part of that discussion. The factory Model 3 stance is like a wannabe SUV on a sedan body... talk about identity crisis!  The ride quality is also very “floaty” and inspires no cornering confidence whatsoever.

One of the most accessible ways to lower your car is by using lowering springs. Although simple concept in theory, not all lowering springs are created equal. It is crucial to specify the exact model and trim for your car so the spring rates will match. Also, choosing well designed springs will ensure there’s no funky noises or excessive spring sagging over time.

 For those reasons I went with H&R. These guys have been in this business for a long time and they've been catering almost exclusively to the European performance market up until now. I’ve personally used their products on previous builds and I have no complaints, they’re tried and trued. These springs claim 1.4” lower than factory. When ordering, make sure you select the correct SKU for your Model 3!


BEFORE fender to ground (FTG) measurements.

Factory Front FTG: 28.4” or 72cm


Factory Rear FTG: 28.4” or 72cm



The installation process is to literally swap factory springs with H&R lowering springs onto the factory shocks. This should take a competent technician about 4-5 hours.


Front H&R lowering springs installed.


Rear H&R lowering springs installed.


2019 Model 3 SR+ with H&R Lowering Springs

With lowering springs, the Model 3 fender gap is tightened up. This will not give you that “slammed” look. It’s a moderate drop that offers the car a confident stance, similar to what you’ll find on European sport sedans.


Vorsteiner VFF-107 wheels and H&R lowering springs.


AFTER fender to ground (FTG) measurements.

Front H&R FTG: 27” or 68.5cm (1.4” or 3.5cm lower)

NOTE: Measured with different wheels & tires, a small diameter difference is accounted for.


Rear H&R FTG: 27.4” or 69.5cm (1” or 2.5cm lower)

NOTE: Measured with different wheels & tires, a small diameter difference is accounted for.

It’s not just about looks with these lowering springs. The ride quality is firmer but not what I would call uncomfortable. You’ll be more sensitive to the grooves on the road which provides better steering feedback. Cornering capabilities are much improved as a result of lower center of gravity and reduced body roll. That “floaty” feeling is eliminated, making the Model 3 much more playful.

If you decide to go with aftermarket wheels, lowering is a must in my opinion.



You’ll benefit from a 3.5% lower ride height with this “set it and forget it” solution. Lowering springs are a cost effective option for those who desire to bring their Model 3’s appearance and performance inline with European sport sedans.

Full Spec

Brand: H&R
Model: Sport Springs Kit 28659-2
Lowering: 1.4" Fixed
Price: $399


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