Going Electric

Growing up, I witnessed how exponentially quick technology evolved and molded its way into our day to day lives. From computers, to smartphones, to how everything is connected to the internet nowadays. It’s quite surreal when taking a step back to think about how things were just even 10-15 years ago. Up until now, I felt like this rapid change in technology haven't made its way into the automotive world. I am enthusiastic about these things but I had to keep them separate for a long time. Things changed when I experienced my first electric vehicle.

2015 Chevrolet Spark EV

At the time, I stumbled upon an unbelievably good lease rate from GM. I said why not? I will use it to zip around the city and more importantly use it to satisfy my curiosity for electric cars. The battery range was not great relatively speaking (81 miles full charge on a good day) but this little go cart of a car opened up my eyes to electric propulsion power. I was hooked as soon as I felt 400 lbs-ft of instantaneous torque struggling to grip through those hilariously small tires :)

On to the Tesla

Thanks to the push for clean energy from Elon Musk at Tesla, a lot has progressed in the EV space since my Spark EV. The size of the Spark EV and the range of its battery was not very compelling to have as my only daily driver. But today, owning the Model 3 has flipped the script. I no longer feel the need to own an ICE car as a “backup”.

I get excited with the way Tesla is challenging established manufacturers to bring more technology advancement to the table. This is truly a computer on wheels and not the other way around. The car gets better and better with OTA updates... like huh?It won't be necessary for me to tell you about all the cool stuff and details about this car, that’s not what I’m here to do. If you’re reading this, you probably own one too or already educated yourself by watching a bunch of YouTube videos.

This Model 3 serves as a blank canvas for me and my plans with MODEL+. As I am typing this, the car had already went through a few changes. I will be making retroactive posts to catch you up to speed. For the time being, I am delighted to start this journey to document the progression of the car and the studio for you.

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