My name is Danny, a passionate tech and automotive enthusiast raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I naturally gravitated towards cars and technology at a very young age. Long before I was able to drive or to own a car, I would read car magazines and nerd out about every detail that journalists would write about. In middle school, I was the kid who customized and built my own gaming computer from scratch when others didn’t have a clue what they even needed a computer (oh how times have changed). I enjoy adding individuality to my belongings and I have a knack to pursue the latest and greatest. Fast forward with that information to today, I find myself at a natural intersection between high-tech electric cars and customization, thus MODEL+ is found.

Let's rewind.

The following is a brief portfolio on a few of the car’s I’ve owned in the past and the direction I’ve taken with each of them.

Once I got a hold of my first car in high school, a 1987 Toyota Corolla GTS (AE86, aka the tofu car from Initial D, if you know, you know) it was on. From there, I applied the same approach as I did with building gaming PCs. With each car I’ve owned, it was always more than just transportation for me. It was a form of expression and a way to interact with the car community. I started with Japanese imports then moved my way into the German side of things.

2008 Volkswagen GTI (MK5). Purpose built for Autocross and canyon carving.

  • Stage 1 ECU Tune
  • Intake & Exhaust
  • Coilovers Suspension
  • Big Brake Kit
  • Reverse staggered wheels and tires
  • Lightweight carbon fiber bucket seats
  • 5-point harness

2017 Volkswagen GTI (MK7). Purpose built for daily driving with occasional spirited driving.

  • Lowering Springs
  • High quality 3 piece wheels
  • Subtle OEM+ mods

1991 BMW 318is (E30). Purpose built for fun and as a platform for me to get familiar with air ride suspension.

  • Full air ride suspension
  • High quality wheels
  • OEM+ touches

Passion meets purpose.

Selecting and installing these modifications were performed by yours truly. My knowledge and experience to work on cars comes from technician training programs in high school and college. Later working at dealership service centers and a large wheels & tires chain gave me good fundamentals to work on cars. More importantly, I prefer to keep myself open minded to learning about new systems and technology; crucial in ever-changing times we are apart of today.

Car modifications for me personally focuses on simple and effective upgrades. Wheels, tires and suspension are usually the first few mods I recommend to people as these are highly-functional and visually expressive upgrades. Complimenting your car with a nice set of wheels and dialing in its stance goes a long way to separate yourself from the pack. Of course, this is not all that I have planned for MODEL+. My focus for MODEL+ is to understand each client’s needs and the purpose for their build. Operating from a well curated parts catalog met with knowledge and experience, no matter how big or small the vision, we can execute that into reality together.

The Studio Journal is a dedicated space for media content consisting of news, product testing, reviews, build updates and project showcasing. This part of the site is an important element on how I plan to communicate my work to you. It will be consistently updated, so check back often!


Danny Ren
MODEL+ Director, Owner,
Portland, Oregon

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  • Danny -

    My name is Brandon Mosser and I am the sales manager at Freeman Motor Company here in Portland. Did I read that right, you are also located in PDX?

    I just recently bought a 2018 P3D+ (w/ FSD) and am looking to make a few modifications. Specifically wheel spacers and lowering springs. I was wondering if you have any insight in this matter? I was considering the 14mm front spacers and 20mm rear spacers. Do these work ok with the P3D? Anything I need to know?

    As for lowering my Model 3, do you have any recommendations for springs? I am not a track guy, so most of this is for looks over performance.

    Would love to connect with you as we sell A LOT of model 3’s and Y’s.

    If a phone call is better, my number is 503.544.8947.

    Hope we can chat soon.


    Brandon Mosser

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