MountainPass Performance

MODEL+ is now an authorized dealer for MountainPass Performance products!!! Jesse and the rest of MPP team were early supporters in our venture, and they need absolutely no introduction around here so I'll keep it short and sweet. THANK YOU!

A rising tide lifts all boats"

As we began cataloging MountainPass Performance parts on our store, we asked what can we offer? We know you, as consumers, have options to buy from wherever you like. This is why we are not here to compete but rather to compliment the great job MPP is already doing for this community.

Giving more options to consumers is always a good thing if done right. Ideally we'd like to be an extension to MPP's fantastic customer service and knowledge base. We understand that spending thousands of dollars over the internet for car parts sight unseen can be a daunting task.
At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is the help you make an informative buying decision on purchasing and installing some of the best aftermarket products for your Tesla. Anything we can do to take some load off of MPP's shoulders, we are happy to do. Anything beyond our scope of knowledge, we will make sure we research and fact check so we can give you the most accurate information.

Our studio Model 3 is on MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers. The word "composure" is the best way to describe the way they feel. Comfortable ride in the streets and well mannered during spirited driving duties in the backroads.


We've got it SLAMMED on the lowest setting and it still rides smooth like butter. Couldn't say the same for lower quality kits we've tried in the past in previous cars. Tuning expertise for EVs from MountainPass Performance married with high-quality manufacturing capabilities of KW Suspensions. That's a lethal couple!




These comfort coilovers make no noise and no drama. In my opinion this is the darling "set it and forget it" solution.. We're almost 4000 miles in on these and they perform like the day they were installed. They eat potholes for lunch and handle spirited driving abuse for dinner. We like to drive our cars hard around here!

You can browse all available MoutainPass Performance products here.

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