Model Y & Refreshed Model 3 uses Bluetooth TPMS

Starting with the Model Y, Tesla switched to using a proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This change has also taken effect in 2021+ Model 3s. A quick and easy way to identify this on the Model 3 is by the color of the window trim. 

Model 3 with chrome window trim uses conventional 433mhz TPMS. 

Model 3 with factory black window trim uses new Bluetooth LE TPMS. 

Why Bluetooth?

Because the current valuation of TSLA is based on the sales of these exclusive tire pressure sensors… Duh! Jokes aside, as of now, there are no real benefits of using Bluetooth LE TPMS. Bluetooth is a universal standard, which offers higher bandwidth transmission. In the future we may see more possibilities such as OTA updates and direct communication with other sensors on the car.

What are my options?

As of right now, if your car is fitted with Bluetooth TPMS and you plan to have a secondary set of wheels, here are your options:

1.) Have a tire shop unmount the sensors from your stock wheels and tires to swap them over to your new set. The labor of this may cost about half the price of buying the sensors from Tesla.

2.) We source and sell these Tesla Factory OEM Bluetooth LE TPMS Sensors in our store.

No cost - Don’t use TPMS on your new wheels and be treated with this lovely message every time you drive. This option is not ideal because this message banner essentially blocks the visual of cars coming up on your blindspots.


Once again this does not affect 2020 and older Model 3s. Please use 433mhz on older model year Tesla Model 3s.

I predict Tesla will switch to Bluetooth sensors for Model S and Model X on their next respective redesign cycle. 


  • I ordered a new set of Bluetooth TPMS sensors for a new set of wheels. Do they have to be coded to the car?

  • Can you remove the new Bluetooth TPMS sensors from a 2021 Model 3 to a set of aftermarket wheels? If so will they require new valve stems or use the existing ones?


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