Test Fit - Vorsteiner Rear Spoiler & Diffuser for Model 3

-Vorsteiner Rear Decklid Spoiler

-Rear Street Diffuser

Very impressed with the initial test fit with Vorsteiner parts.
The edge to edge alignment is EXACT on the Model 3 trunk lid.

The diffuser's screw holes lines up perfectly onto the car's underbody panels, giving it a secure fit.


This is why there's no chance we will "price match" the Alibaba specials other retailers are selling as their own... don't even ask.
When it comes to body / aero pieces, fit & finish is everything. There's a reason why the Vorsteiner Track Diffuser alone costs more than this entire kit...
Pasted Graphic.jpg

Offering quality is our commitment to this community, even if it takes us longer to get there.

More content with these pieces coming your way!


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