Toyo Extensa HP II Tires for Model 3

I came across these Toyo Extensa HP IIs when I was shopping for tires, to go on my first set of aftermarket wheels for my Model 3. With range and road noise being a priority for an EV, I didn't prioritize performance this time around.

I’m not going to lie, these Toyos grabbed my attention by their price point. It priced out most of its competitors in the High Performance All-Season category. And coming from a reputable brand like Toyo, I asked why not?



Side by side with OEM Michelin Primacy MXM4 on the left. Visually, the Extensa HP II is a sharp looking tire. That aggressive tread pattern pairs well with a sporty and aggressive wheel like the Vorsteiner V-FF 107. 


Dry Performance

This all-season tire performs extremely well in dry road conditions. There’s minimal sidewall flex, and cornering in dry pavement took me by surprise. If this was a blind test, I would’ve thought this was a lower-tier performance summer tire rather than an all-season.

Wet Performance

As you may know, a “do it all” tire like an all-season, is a compromise in itself. With the Extensa HP II, its shortcomings lies in its ability to handle ANY wet surfaces. If hydroplaning and making your car dance in the rain is your thing, then these tires are for you! The wet traction with these tires inspires no confidence whatsoever. If you thought the O.E Michelin Primacy MXM4 were squirrelly in the rain, check these out!

Snow Performance

Forget about it 🥶 ice skates…


Road Noise

Not EV silent like the Michelin Primacy MXM4, but not noisy enough to bother you or your passengers even if decide to drive without music on.

Range / Efficiency

Given that I significantly upsized my wheels and tires, it’s hard to get a good measure on range impact. Based off of my charging frequency and occasional glance at my average mi/kWh display, my range did go down, but not significantly. If I swapped out same sized O.E tires for these, I suspect my range impact would be minimal.

Treadwear / Longevity

Fantastic! Treadwear is rated at 500 and comes with a 45,000 mile warranty. ~2000 aggressive miles on my Model 3 and they barely look worn in. That’s bang for your buck.


Toyo Extensa HP II’s characteristics resembles that of the Michelin Primacy MXM4, that came factory on 18” aero wheels, on the Model 3. The trade off is you get much better dry traction for less than adequate wet traction. I'd recommend this tire if you live in an area where it’s mostly dry. Given its price point this could serve as an affordable O.E replacement when your stock tires wear out. 

Full Specs

Brand: Toyo Tires
Model: Extensa HP II
Configuration: Staggered
Size: Front 245/30/20, Rear 275/30/20
Weight: Front 25lbs, Rear 28lbs
Load Index: Front 95, Rear 97
Speed Rating: 168 MPH
Max PSI: 50 PSI
Acoustic Foam: No
Price: $744

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