Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheel Set for Model 3

You may find yourself looking for aftermarket wheels to stand to out from the waves of new Teslas joining the roads each day. Without knowing any better you would plug in your car details into TireRack, and let it spit out a bunch of generic wheels and sizes that will technically fit on your car, but not most optimally. You're want something that's sharp with great fitment to accentuate the body line of the Model 3, but you're not sure where to start.

Vorsteiner comes to market with what I call “tailored off the shelf” solutions. They did all the measurements at HQ and decided what wheel specification will look and fit best for the Model 3 body. They currently offer a few styles and the V-FF 107 is one of them. A flush fitment, 20” staggered wheel set, featuring thin multi-spoke design, that is both sporty and aggressive. 



Face profiles of front and rear wheels. The choice to go staggered allows the rear wheels to have a deep concave face. This execution is good for the Model 3 because there is more room to fill in the rear fenders than the front. Appropriately finished in a paint hue between dark gunmetal and matte black, with hints of metallic. Vorsteiner calls this Carbon Graphite.

Subtle Vorsteiner “V” logo on the rim edge adds a nice touch of detail.
Vorsteiner center caps in black with optional red center caps available.
Lug pattern is 5x114.3 and drilled to accept M14 lug studs. One thing to note, the lug holes are deeply recessed making the tolerance for a regular lug socket really tight.
I am using aftermarket spline drive lug nuts to avoid scratching up the wheels.
You may have to source an extremely thin-walled socket if you plan on using OEM lug nuts with the V-FF 107.
64.1mm center bore is a direct fit onto the Model 3 hub. The bore is stepped to accept Model 3 Performance hubs. In other words, the V-FF 107s will mount directly onto all Tesla Model 3 with no hub-centric rings necessary. Vorsteiner took everything into consideration here.


With Flow Forged technology (or flow-forming). Vorsteiner was able to offer reasonably priced wheels that are lighter, wider, and stronger than any 20" factory Tesla wheels. Most OEM wheels are made out of cast construction to cut cost for the manufacturer, and this usually results in a weaker and heavier wheel. You can read about these different industry processes here.

20x9 +38 (front) wheel weighed in at 26.4lbs
To my surprise, the wider 20x10.5 +45 (rear) wheel came in at 25.8lbs. Despite being 1.5” wider than the front wheel, it weighed in at 0.6lbs lighter. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but the scale doesn’t lie. 



The recommended tire size for this wheel set is 245/35/20 (front) and 285/30/20 (rear). 

I personally used 275/30/20 tires on the rear wheels for the following reasons: 

  • 285 width is a bit excessive for a street setup and will take more toll on my efficiency consumption.
  • 275/30 is closer to stock 245/45/18 diameter (+0.8%).
  • I plan on reusing these tires for another set of wheels with more aggressive offsets, so I’m planning ahead with a slight stretch.

Nevertheless, this setup gave me no issues. No rubbing or modifications necessary even when my car is significantly lowered on coilovers.

On Car


Vorsteiner currently offers 3 different wheel sets for the Model 3, and they all carry the same philosophy. Clean designs, flush fitment, and reduced weight. Most importantly, they eliminate any guess work for the consumer. It's as simple as picking the wheel design you like and tires to go along with them.


Full Specs

Brand: Vorsteiner
Model: V-FF 107
Color: Carbon Graphite
Construction: Flow Forged Aluminium
Price: $2400


Configuration: Staggered
Diameter: 20”
Width & Offset: Front 9” (+38), Rear 10.5” (+45)
Rec. Tire Size: Front 245/35/20, Rear 285/30/20
Face Profile: Flat, Deep Concave
Weight: Front 26.4lbs, Rear 25.8lbs


Lug Pattern: 5x114.3
Lug Seat: Conical
Center Bore: 64.1mm (stepped cutout)
Center Cap: Black (Red optional)

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