Home of Forgiatio EV001 + EV002


As an authorized Forgiato dealer, our studio's Model 3 was one of the first in the world to run the EV001 wheels introduced back in May 2021.

Square 20x10 configuration EV001 on stock suspension shown on a Model Y from our client Bo.

Offering unique removable aero-covers allowing users to quickly change the look of the car.

After the success with EV001, Forgiato continued the "E-Vecolo" line by introducing the EV002 in January 2022.


Similar in concept, the design of the wheel spokes and covers were much different this time around. Of course, we had to be the first to throw these on our Model 3 as well.

EV002 covers removed.

We consistently inventory both of these wheel sets so they're ready to be shipped to our customers. They can be sold in square or staggered configuration. Please visit their respective product pages listed below:

Forgiato EV001 Wheel Set | MODEL+

Forgiato EV002 Wheel Set | MODEL+

For more pictures and details, view our product thread via Tesla Motors Club.