In-Stock - Satin Black APEX VS-5RS for Model 3 & Model Y

Reducing unsprung weight increases range and performance for your Tesla. If you're simply looking for the lightest wheel available for your Model 3 or Model Y,  look no further than the fully-forged APEX VS-5RS.

Presented here in Satin Black color finish.

Weight cutting measures can be found in between spokes!

The hub-pockets are drilled deep to reduce weight also. And of course, to make this a true P&P setup including Model 3 Performance, the hub features a stepped-lip cut out. This center bore is compatible with ALL variants of Model 3 & Model Y.

Paintless knurled bead seating to prevent tires from slipping while driving hard at the track.

19.2lbs is the final weigh-in for 19x9.5 +29 spec. Currently the lightest 19x9.5 direct bolt-on wheel you can purchase for your Model 3 or Model Y!

19x9.5 +29 is a fantastic spec for factory height and lowered Model 3. VS-5RS is also available in 18x9.5 and 20x9.
On Car Examples
18x9.5 +29 in Satin Black
19x9.5 +29 in Anthracite
20x9 +34 in Brushed Clear

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