Model 3 Performance Showcase - 20" BC Forged HCS34 + MPP Comfort Coilovers + Project Kics Monolith Lug Nuts

BC Forged Modular HCS34 in Brushed Black with Polished Lips for our client Nick's 2023 Model 3 Performance.

Nick wanted to do a 20" aggressive-flush fitment with daily usability in mind. Coming from a bagged Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG as shown below, this man was no stranger to any of this.

For his M3P, we went back and forth before finalizing on a 20x10 square setup. The important factor here was to select an offset that would be flush to fender for both front and rear. It would also need to clear the front suspension arm.

MountainPass Comfort Coilovers, along with slightly stretched 265/30/20 tires brought the entire stance together.

HCS34 is such a unique design offered by BC Forged. When Nick came across this wheel model, all bets were off!

Between each spoke features a window cutout that exposes the lip ever so slightly. You can have a field day choosing the lip color to play "peek-a-boo" with your HCS34s!

Project Kics Monolith T1/07 Lug Nuts in Glorious Black was selected to match perfectly with the Brushed Black finish on Nick's HCS34.


Wheels - 20" BC Forged HCS34

Suspension - MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

Lug Nuts - Project Kics Monolith T1/07 Lug Nuts in Glorious Black

Etc. - Tesla Bluetooth TPMS Sensors (Black)

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