N2itive Suspension Components - Model S/X Lowering Links & Camber Arms

Now our Tesla Model S and Model X clients can join in on the lowering and alignment fun thanks to N2itive suspension components.

As a premium feature, Model S and X have built in air suspension from factory. So the easiest way to lower these vehicles is to "trick" the system into thinking the car is set at certain ride height using adjustable lowering links.

N2itive has some of the best in the business. With TARTAN RSX-3 clipless and maintenance free links, you set them once and you’re done.  The RSX-3 precision Vernier scale makes adjustment super easy and fast! There is no need to remove the links and go back and re-adjust with a caliper as with most adjustable links. When quality, craftsmanship and adjustability matter, our performance TARTAN RSX-2 lowering links are the only choice. 6-year to lifetime warranty included.

TARTAN SX-P2 adjustable rear camber arms will help get alignment in check. Even if have no intentions on lowering your Model S or X, these arms will prevent your rear tires from wearing prematurely due to bad factory alignment.

Now you can have the ideal alignment for both track or street without the need to visit the alignment shop every time you want to make a change.  With our new multi-alignment kit that comes standard and preinstalled on the black version, you now have the ability to recall any alignment setting you choose. You can create one setting for the track, one for the drag strip and another for street. Make your adjustments on site and change your settings back to your street setting when it’s time to go home.  The multi-alignment kit also helps with the installation process.

Lastly, N2itive offers the high quality and precision treatment for Model 3 and Model Y applications with adjustable forged rear camber and toe arms.

Why Choose N2itive

At N2itive we give you the highest quality parts and craftsmanship at a reasonable price. Everything we create is meticulously well thought-out, precision engineered and FEA and real-world tested!  All of our components are custom made. Nothing is off the shelf. Take our weather sealed spherical bushings for instance… made with high strength steel that’s been electroless nickel plated for amazing wear and corrosion resistance. Each bushing incorporates a Teflon infused Delrin liner for a lifetime of trouble-free, maintenance-free use. You can count on us to only give you the best with all our parts and we back that up with a 6-year to lifetime hassle-free warranty to the original purchaser. Our products are the strongest, safest and most durable aftermarket Tesla parts you can buy, guaranteed! Not to mention, they look incredible.


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