Winter Mode 2022

Winter is either quickly arriving or has arrived in certain regions of the world. Most Teslas have summer-performance tires paired with its advance AWD drivetrains from factory, which is very capable for performance. However, rain, ice and snow is a whole different ball game, so getting your Tesla properly prepared for winter is key.

Wheels / Tires

The #1 thing you can do is to have wheels mounted to a set of dedicated winter or all-season tires. Sure, you can order winter tires and have them unmounted / mounted onto your current wheels, but the most convenient way to do this is to have a secondary set of wheels, tires, and TPMS sensor combo that you or a shop can directly bolt-on and off according to the seasons.

We also recommend dropping down in wheel diameter from your summer setup. This increased tire wall can help absorb potholes along with better curb protection.

For example, if you're running 20" wheels during the summer, we recommend dropping down to 19" or 18", meanwhile increasing the aspect ratio of the tire to keep overall diameter consistent. We have off-the-shelf options for this intended use. Please contact us for recommendations.

The most important piece to the puzzle are tires. Having the proper tire compound can make a world of difference in terms of acceleration, braking, and stability in winter climates. Please contact us for tire recommnedations.

Mud Flaps

To prevent dirt, salt and grime kicking up onto the body your Tesla, we recommend mud flaps by Rally Armor.

Floor Mats
Lastly, don't forget to protect your interior with a set of premium all-weather floor mats by 3D MAXpider. These are the best in the business!